Tommy Rock, one of the event panelists, featured in Arizona Daily Sun

The Arizona Daily Sun  featured Tommy Rock (one of the Water River Life Giver panelists) recently in an article, “NAU student helps uncover years of water contamination from uranium in Sanders,” written by Emery Cowan.

Photo of Tommy Rock by Emery Cowan
Photo of Tommy Rock by Emery Cowan

See the article on the Arizona Daily Sun website.

Here is a brief except of this article:

“The community of Sanders is not much more than a cluster of homes off Interstate 40 in far eastern Arizona. It’s a crinkled island of nontribal land surrounded by the Navajo Nation. And for more than a decade, dozens of residents had no idea that their water was contaminated with concentrations of uranium that far exceeded federal limits.

It wasn’t until last summer when Northern Arizona University Ph.D. student Tommy Rock tested the community’s main water supply and called a public meeting to give residents the news. Tests from 2003 through 2015 showed the average concentration of uranium in the water was nearly 50 parts per billion — way above the 30 ppb federal limit for drinking water.

Before that meeting neither the state nor the utility, Arizona Windsong Water Company, had given residents any notice about the uranium tainted water, and looking back, many locals believe they would still be drinking from the tap were it not for the NAU student’s work.”– Emery Cowan, Arizona Daily Sun (2016)

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