Navajo Nation Water Quality Project

screenshot from the Navajo Nation Water Quality Project website

The Navajo Nation Water Quality Project is a website and outreach campaign to make Navajo water quality information easily available and analyzable online. It is a project of the Northwestern University Chemistry Department and Groundswell Educational Films.

Tommy Rock on Uranium Contamination on the Navajo Nation

Tommy Rock, a member of the Navajo Nation, presented on uranium contamination on the Navajo Nation to the Mayo Clinic’s Office of Health Disparities Research Native American Interest Group, as reported in the Mayo Clinic’s blog, February 2016. Mr. Rock’s PowerPoint presentation is available online.

Earth Memory Compass – Beautiful Visual for Understanding

Earth-Memory-Compass-Mini“Earth Memory Compass” from Farina King’s dissertation “The Earth Memory Compass: Diné Educational Experiences in the Twentieth Century” © 2016 Farina King, Arizona State University. The “Earth Memory Compass” portrays Navajo ways of knowing represented by the Four Sacred Directions and the Four Sacred Mountains. The beautiful illustration is by Justin Weiss, Graphic Artist, Historian & Cartographer. Discover his talents at and

Download Earth Memory Compass Color pdf

Download Earth Memory Compass Coloring Page pdf