Kwai nidôbak ni kwilipaiôlbna li nd’mamsahlabipikonal dat comek nd’elewesi makazanigek siomo nawadowawinnoak bebonki zakhiwi alnobak bagholi menosak ntowadaka negoni ni bildotogwai wiskilintowogan alnôbailowôzowôgan

Our drum is more than just a spiritual entity, it’s an extension of our dreams, our heritage, our souls…our whole selves. The Black Hawk Singers are an Abenaki Indian Drum Group. Although many of us live near the Blackstone Valley area, we were first established in Canada during the summer of 2004 on the Abenaki Indian Reserve known as Odanak. In the drumming circle are: Bryan Blanchette, Garrett Blanchette, George Michaud, Steve Tingly, and Bill DiBeneditto.

Black Hawk Singers feel moved by the Spirit to express the re-enlivening of Abenaki culture in today’s world through keeping traditional songs alive and creating new songs to express where the tribal spirit is moving. In June of 2012 we released our first CD which contains three of our new Abenaki language songs. We are currently writing and performing more Abenaki Language Songs that we hope to have out on our sophomore CD early 2015.

We have been performing at various Pow-wows through out the northeast US and Quebec. Pow-wows that we have performed at include Rock Rattle and Drum, The Abenaki Heritage Festival, Odanak Reserve, Wolanak Reserve, Listigush Reserve, the Lasalette Shrine, and the Lake Siog Nipmuc Powwow. Quite often we are told how uplifting our music is.

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