Drought In Upper Klamath Lake

By: Nico Villalobos:

Droughts in Upper Klamath Lake in 2001 posed many problems to the Klamath tribes and farmers that rely on the lakes for hunting, gathering, and irrigation, raising the question of whose water rights superseded the other’s. After federal officials declared a drought in 2001 at the Upper Klamath Lake area, the US Bureau of Reclamation, responsible for providing irrigation water and farmland in the Klamath Basin, announced that irrigation water might not be available for basin farmers. (more…)

Oglala and Uranium Mining

By Janie Mackey:

The Oglala Lakota live on the Pine Ridge Reservation, an area vulnerable to water contamination. The water contamination on this reservation is due to the uranium mining that was never cleaned up. The pollutants are not isolated in one singular area, but spread over many wells that provides water to the inhabitants of the reservation.  (more…)